The Vision of George Washington


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The Vision of George Washington is far more than a piece of art, it is a testament to the notion that heaven is vested in the legacy of our great country. Based on a story found in The American Covenant, a book by best-selling author Timothy Ballard, this sculpture seeks to capture Washington’s association with the divine during one of the most crucial battles of the Revolutionary War. Often rejected by scholars because of its overtly religious nature, this story illuminates the possibility that heaven truly was playing a role in the life of a man.

This controversial event was originally related by a soldier sometime after the revolutionary war. It takes place during the darkest hours of the revolution, in the ugliest depths of Valley Forge with all its historic suffering. It was said that Washington had retreated to his cabin, telling all to leave him alone. While writing orders he suddenly noticed a figure at his desk. Astonished that anyone dared bother him, he looked up to find an angel who then revealed to him the fate of this war with Great Britain through a vision outside the window. The vision would then go on to reveal much more concerning the future of America.

This sculpture is that miraculous moment when Washington sees “The Vision”. Whether it can be proven or not, this statue symbolizes the eternal vision Washington must have had in order to lead, endure, and ultimately pass up the chance to become King of this fledgling nation. Is there another man on this earth, in all of history, who could be tempted with such power and refuse it as he did? There is no doubt, George Washington had, whether by heaven or other means, an incredible vision for America’s future!

Take home your statue of The Vision today as a reminder that God has been, and is still, in the intimate details of this great nation. As covenant stewards we must never forget His goodness; and just as Washington sought to protect this land from all that would harm it, so must we be steadfast in following the patterns that have kept its freedoms alive.

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