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Ranked #1 in 5 categories on Amazon, including US History and Books on Israel, The Covenant by Tim Ballard is boldly waking readers up to a new narrative regarding our beloved nation. With the prospect that its constitution was architected by wisdom beyond the mind of mortals, Ballard uncovers a host of parallel coincidences found in the lives of men and women largely responsible for Americas path to freedom.  This book answers the questions every patriot is asking: What is the secret behind this nation’s unsurpassed record of prosperity, protection and liberty, and what are the responsibilities and consequences incumbent upon a people so blessed?
The answers to these, and many other questions relating to America’s real national treasure are found in the pages of THE COVENANT.
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What is it about its origins and history that distinguishes America from other nations? Author Tim Ballard sets out to answer this very question through a series of new discoveries, that when presented, creates a startling new perspective on the land of the free and its prophetic relationship to ancient scripture.
This book explores a series of historical evidences that speak to an underlying religious current that seemed to resonate with many of early America’s key figures. Why did Christopher Columbus insist that an “angel” guided him at the moments of greatest distress? What prompted the original colonists to embrace the idea that the land of America was “New Israel” to them? What power urged Washington and his rag-tag army to successfully conquer the greatest military power on earth? Or why did Lincoln, under the weight of war and heavy personal burdens turn to the power of faith as the lifeline that would unite his base and sustain them through the desolating turmoil of the Civil War?
In his new book, author Timothy Ballard answers both WHY America’s very existence stands in fulfillment of ancient biblical prophecy and how a Covenant enacted by God is the key to maintaining America’s way of life.
In praising the work of The Covenant, Media personality Glenn Beck said, “I have been trying to articulate this message for years, Tim Ballard finally did it! This book is the key to restoring America.”
Continuing this praise, historian and best-selling author David Barton added this synopsis: “The concept of what a covenant truly is, and means, is unfamiliar to most today, for it far surpasses any legal understandings or obligations with which our current culture is acquainted. God established a covenant with Abraham and his posterity, and the Bible recounts not only the duties but also the remarkable benefits produced by that mutual accord. Tim Ballard documents the “extension” of that covenant re-invoked during the establishment of this nation… a covenant made between God and America’s early colonists and Founders. “The Covenant” not only shows the unprecedented blessings America has received as a result of obedience to God but also what every citizen today can do to honor our national covenant with God and thus ensure His continued blessings.”
For every patriot who believes the creation of America was more than the work of men, this book will force you to see its history with fresh eyes and remind you of the part each citizen plays in protecting the future of this country.

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