The Covenant – Lincoln and the War

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As the 16th President of United States, Abraham Lincoln was sworn into office at one of the most difficult times in America’s history. How did he gain the courage and wisdom to unite a nation on the brink of ruin? The answer is told brilliantly by Best-Selling author Timothy Ballard as he uncovers intimate details of Lincoln’s personal life and the divine assistance that may have helped him win the war.

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In 1860 a Republican candidate by the name of Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of the United States, and with his nomination the course of US history would change forever. America was at a crossroads, and the southern states knowing their immoral economic system called slavery was in jeopardy, sought secession from the union. This course of action would put this new President in a polarizing position, the nature of which few men in history have ever had to confront.
In this book, The Covenant, Lincoln and the War, best-selling author Tim Ballard illuminates the complicated realities that surrounded Lincoln during his time as President and examines hard to deny connections that he may have been led by a higher power to save a nation destined for greater things.
Was the Civil War a Holy War? For 150 years, multiple and widely varied explanations for the meaning of this great American conflict have been published. The confusion over the war’s meaning is largely due to the loss of one historical factor–that America was and is a promised land placed under covenant by the Almighty. Dive in as author Timothy Ballard argues that this lost knowledge is the key to not only unlocking the mysteries of the Civil War, but to restoring and healing America today.
Timothy Ballard has written several books on America and its religious roots, including The Covenant: One Nation Under God, which soared to number 3 on the Amazon best-seller list. He has worked for the Central Intelligence Agency and as a U.S. Special Agent, where he spends significant time as an overseas operative to dismantle crime rings involved in the kidnapping and trafficking of children. For the last decade, Tim has taught American and International Politics at San Diego State University and at Imperial Valley College.

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